Return Policy

Return Policy

    Since we offer Free Shipping on almost all orders, we must assess a restocking fee to cover the original shipping and handling.

    25% FOR ORDERS $99.01 AND OVER.
  2. An MRA must be requested within 30 days of delivery.
  3. Special orders are not returnable and cannot be cancelled once submitted to the manufacturer.
  4. All items that are returned must be in original condition (which includes original packaging). Please do not write directly on the package. This affects the resale of the product. The MRA number needs to be printed on the return label with the name of our company.  Example: Truck Outfitters Plus Attn: MRA # 123456 
    Writing on packaging will incur an additional 5% Restocking Fee.
  5. If the item is wrong due to wrong information given to us by the customer, we will reship the correct part and take the original back at the customers expense (which includes return shipping and reshipping the correct part). This falls under our Exchange Policy. See Exchanges
  6. If the item is wrong because we sent you the wrong part, we will reship the correct part and take the original back at our expense. See Wrong Item Shipped/Damaged Item
  7. ALL items being returned without a replacement (including Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect item(s)), will be assessed the restocking fee (see item #1 above). 
  8. All warranty claims must first be directed to the manufacturer, depending on what their individual warranties might be. In the event the warranty must be returned to the point of purchase we will handle the warranty claim. See Warranty Claims.
  9. Any items returned billing the return shipping charges to the recipient (Truck Outfitters Plus) we will credit you back less the 30% restocking fee and return shipping charges.
  10. Any return sent back to us without an MRA attached or has an MRA but is returned more than 60 days from the date of receiving the product, a 25% restocking fee will be applied to the return for items $99.00 or less, and 30% for items $99.01 and over.


All return items must have the MRA number on a packaging slip.

  • You have 30 days from the date of delivery to request an MRA for any item that you no longer desire to keep.
  • The item must be in completely resell-able condition.
  • Only unused, uninstalled merchandise will be accepted for return.
  • Items must have all parts, installation instructions, warranty papers, and wrapped in the original packaging.
  • Please do not write directly on the items packaging. See Item 4 of Return Policy Outline
  • We will only credit the amount of the original purchase less any Shipping and Restocking Fees. The purchaser is responsible for all return shipping charges.
  • If the original purchase was over $99.01 giving the purchaser free shipping and the items being returned bring the original total down below the $99.01 threshold, a 25% restocking fee will be applied due to the original purchase being over $99.01.

Not all products ship directly from our store and at times will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer.  Some manufacturers carry an additional Restocking Fee in addition to our restocking fee.  Example: ALL Luverne ship direct returns carry a 15% restocking fee in addition to our restocking fee outlined above.  Therefore, if a product shipped from Luverne directly to the end customer and is returned for any reason (other that damaged or defect), there will be a total 30% restocking fee for the return if the total was $99.00 or less and 40% restocking fee for returns over $99.01.  Truck Freight items: examples - Grille Guards, Bed Liners, Bumpers, Wheel 2 Wheel Steps are some other products that carry restocking fees between 10% to 15% in addition to our standard restocking fees, regardless if the product is exchanged or returned for refund.

If you wish to exchange an item for another item, you must first request an exchange MRA for the returned item. The purchaser is responsible for the actual shipping charges on the item that is being exchanged for (new item), and if the item is of greater value than the original purchase the customer is responsible for the difference. If the item is of lesser value than the original, the 15% restocking fee will be applied to the difference. Additional shipping charges will be assessed to the replacement item

Delivery Refusal
Any items that are refused at delivery will be subject to the 30% Restocking Fees (unless we advise you to do so).

Missing Parts (from inside the package)
If an item is delivered with missing parts, the manufacture will usually ship replacement parts directly to the customer. Contact Truck Outfitters Plus at 1-319-234-3544 and we will either arrange for the missing parts to be sent to you.  Some manufacturers require the purchaser to contact them directly for missing parts. In this case, we will provide the purchaser with the manufactures telephone number or contact information for you to explain directly any incidental parts that may be missing.

 Products Damaged During Shipping
The recipient agrees to inspect the received items at the time of delivery and report all damages before the delivery driver leaves. In the event the product(s) are received damaged as well as if the product was delivered without signature, a claim must be filed with the shipping carrier. All damages must be reported to Truck Outfitters within 48 hours of delivery. Photos of the damaged item(s) are a standard requirement in order to file a damage claim. At no time will we file a damage claim if photos are not provided showing the damage to the product as well as photos of the condition of the box the product arrived in. If a claim is submitted after 14 days from the delivery date, we cannot guarantee the claim will be accepted by the shipping carrier, as there are limitations from the carriers as to how long after delivery a claim may be submitted. Once submitted, damage claims can take anywhere from 14 to 21 business days to be completed from the day we receive all required materials.

If the customer notices any concealed damage, it must be reported to Truck Outfitters within 48 hours of delivery either by phone, fax, or email. If this situation should occur, the customer will not hold Truck Outfitters liable. Truck Outfitters will do their best to submit a claim should this situation arise but cannot guarantee any form of outcome. Truck Outfitters will work to assist our customers with the investigation of damage claims for any damage to our customers property occurring from the transportation services made available to its customers through the shipping carriers.

If the shipping carrier accepts and settles the claim, a replacement product will be shipped out to the customer once we receive payment from the shipping carrier. If the shipping carrier denies a damage claim, we will not be able to ship another product out to the customer free of charge.

Damage claims will only be accepted on uninstalled items. Once the item has been installed, we will no longer assist with the damages.

Wrong Item Shipped/Damaged Item (damage not caused in shipping)
In the event that you receive the wrong item, but the correct item was ordered, or you receive a damaged item (damage did not occur during shipping), we will email you ONE return call tag to exchange the item(s) for the correct/undamaged item(s).

The product being returned must be in the original packaging with all paperwork and installation instructions. At no time will we exchange the wrong item shipped if the product is not in its original packaging. In the event that a product is returned to us not meeting the terms above, the product will not be accepted and returned back to the customer at the customer's expense.

It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the item is ready for pick up or arrange for pickup if the call tag is received via standard mail or email. If the item is not ready to be picked up, it is the customers responsibility to arrange shipping the item back to us. We will only allow one call tag and at no time will we issue a second call tag. Once the item is returned in resale condition, we will ship the correct item at no additional charge to you. To expedite the correction, the replacement item can be paid for (allowing for immediate shipping) and credit issued once the original item is returned. If you wish to return the item without a replacement, you will be credited less the 15% or 25% restocking fee. See our Return Policy Outline Item 6

Important: Check for damage on the item before installing the item. We must be informed of damage to the item before the item has been installed. Once the item has been installed, we will not accept any further responsibility for the damaged items.

Warranty Claims
In the event there is a warranty issue, we will direct you to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer requires that the item is returned to the point of purchase, we will handle the warranty claim (provided the item was purchased from Truck Outfitters Truck Outfitters may ask for a manufacturers direct MRA/RGA number on warranty items before we can accept the product back for exchange. However, all shipping cost (returning and reshipping) will be the responsibility of the customer. Warranty does not cover any shipping or labor charges involved on the warranted product itself. Warranted items will be exchanged for a comparable item upon approval and cannot be returned for credit under any circumstances.

Canceled Orders
We try to deliver our products in a very timely manner. With this in mind, once the order is submitted, they are generally processed immediately (during normal business hours). If the order is placed after normal business hours, they will be processed the following business day, which allows more time to cancel. Once the item or items have been processed and are in line to ship, they cannot be canceled (on occasion there may be some exceptions in this case, however there will be a 5% cancellation fee). If an order is not cancelled on the same business day it was placed, or the cancellation request is made after business hours, the orders will be accessed a 10% cancellation fee (before 1 pm Central Time).

We reserve the right to modify our Return Policy at any time without notice.